Designing engaging digital experiences

for more than 10 years.

We create the online presence that tell your brand’s story and engage with your clients. We develop tailored integrated solutions, always using technology, innovation and great design.

Our integrated solutions in Strategy, interactions and experiences

We build solutions in any language, technology, platform, or digital media, both for web and mobile; creating and delivering new types of experiences and interactions for your brand.

The journey from concept to business impact.

.exp applies behavioral science to customer experience, we design engaging digital products that place your brand in the online market.

We develop experiences.

.int offers award-winning integrated marketing services informed and powered by data and research.

We are looking to develop interactions with your brand.

Our developing partner


In order to offer the best quality, we work hand-to-hand with our developer partner and Datacenter provider of Dataguard. Thanks to them, we promote custom, high quality and accessible development for all technological devices, reducing operating costs.

There’s no need for looking out there for a tech company, we work with one side by side for your project.

Send us an e-mail directly at hello@amber.sv if you need more information about our partner.

Our value proposition

Our value proposition is a balance of quality, know-how, price and the best choice of tools keeping in mind your goals to achieve award-winning results. We are key players in the entire digital services chain – consulting for the implementation and support for the entire project.

key skills

We build solutions in any language, technology or platform, keeping in mind the User Centralized Design. Creating different types of sources of income developing business models that innovate and explore new territories for growth.

Accelerate the journey from concept to commercial impact.

customer focus

The right experience to execute large projects; we’re practical enough to be agile. Simple organization with strong commitment to customer service.

Solid understanding of the processes of business, trends, tools and best practices in the industry.

solid team

Strategic, UX/UI and graphic designers; digital specialist and project managers with more than 10 years of experience, ready to work nearshore and offshore. 

Cultural affinity with people – intuitive, curious and talented to solve problems.

We maintain constant training and certifications to our teams.

A View into Our Creative and Management Process

We’ve spent nearly one decade decoding how to master the creative process, moving from ideas to systematic and coordinated actions and getting things done.

You’ll find both the “how” and the “why” to our process which will better equip you as you move forward in your next project.

We work hand in hand with our clients from start to finish, as key partners and allies.

benchmarking and centralized design for users

The most critical phase of any significant creative and technological project is to start by diagnosing the problem. This is the heart of designing good strategy and effective tactics. We start in the beginning by starting in the end. This process involves critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

To maximize impact, we start by diving deep into discovering what the Brand is ultimately trying to accomplish. 

we reverse engineer from experiences & interactions with each strategy.

Tailored Creative Integrated Solutions

Amber.co specialists offer diverse experience, ability, style, and expertise, with some Creatives being more suitable to a specific project than others — which, in turn allows us to tackle the specific needs of each project with greater precision.  

We can provide different custom-tailored teams to best match your project.

Nothing like wearing the right size.

Effective end-to-end Communications

We de-mystify the creative process eliminating the unknown by designing and providing project roadmaps that outline each project phase by month, week, and day. 

All clients are given access to real-time project progress and any pertinent project details through easy-to-use software, including a dedicated communication app to stay connected when needed.

We can provide different custom-tailored teams to best match your project.